ASP.NET Color Picker - "One touch"

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Color Picker


This example demonstrates how to post back selected color to server (AJAX Page) in "one touch".

Example code

<script runat=server language="c#">
  void Page_load(objectsender, EventArgs e){
       if(!IsPostBack && !IsCallback)
            color.Style["background-color"]= picker.InitialColor = "#FFFFFF"
  public void OnColorSelect(string mColor){
       Message.Text= "Server get color: " + mColor + " (previous value: " +picker.InitialColor + ")";
       picker.InitialColor= color.Style["background-color"]= mColor;
<script type="text/JavaScript">
function OnColorPicked(sender){
   if(typeof ob_post == "object"){
       ob_post.AddParam("mColor", sender.getColor());, "OnColorSelect",function(){});
<oajax:CallbackPanel id="cpColor" runat="server" >
        Click to the box:
        <obout:ColorPicker runat="server" OnClientPicked="OnColorPicked" Id="picker" PickButton="false"
                                     TargetId="color" TargetProperty="style.backgroundColor" >
              <asp:TextBox readOnly="true" id="color" style="cursor: pointer;" runat="server"/>
        </obout:ColorPicker> <br/><br/>
        <asp:label id="Message" runat="server" Text="&nbsp;" />

See the full source code in /ColorPicker/aspnet_ajax_noPickButton.aspx file of downloaded Suite.