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With obout Textbox in ASP.NET 4.X
Both 'DayToday' and 'DaySpecial' styles
Add week number
Add a special date in client-side
Customize the minute dropdown in the time selector
Show the previous month
Different style for the days disabled with the EnabledDateExpression
Get/set multiple selected dates
Handle the month changed event
Set date to generic calendar
Hide Calendar under other controls
Use readonly textbox with date picker
Create your own style for the Calendar
Change the style of the Calendar
Set selected date from server-side
Change width and height
Set absolute position
Close datepicker using client method
How to set focus to the textbox after date is selected?
Add a javascript function on a calendar button
Disable date picker image
Problems referencing the JavaScript file / Missing JavaScript file
Clear the "Selected Date" value in an Obout Calendar control
Display a range of dates
Set the current time
Use readonly textbox with date picker
Force the month that is being displayed to be the SelectedDate month