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Appearance and styles

    Change the height of menu items

    Fill the rest of menu line.

    Refresh styles programatically

    Design issue - Sub menu items for tab strip

    Horizontal style for vertical menu

    Setting different appearance for menu item

    Display menu in multiple columns

    Use more than one Easy Menu on the page but only the last one added is rendered

    Use different styles for multiple Easy Menu on the same page

    Make the background transparent

    Make the menu display over flash movies in Mozilla

    Can the menu overlap frames?

    Change the place where a menu is displayed

    Create your own menu style/skin

    Use your own Icons

    Show menu item as selected

    Use tab strip style for classic horizontal menu

    Change the width of each individual menu item

    EasyMenu can be displayed over iframe elements

    Modify the menu items font style


    Customize the selected menu item

    Customize the way links are displayed inside menu item

Tab Strip

    User control inside Tab strip

    Create a Tab Strip

Context Menu

    Opera browser support for Context Menu


    Adjusting dropdown speed

    Change when a menu is displayed

    Delay the menu to disappear

Server-side API

    How to hide/show a tab from server-side

    Dynamic width of the bound menu

    Enable/Disable menu item

    Easy Menu in master page

    Dynamic menu item

    The menu items postback

    Use the menu programmatically

    Dynamic width

    I am having a problem getting my sub menu items to persist across post backs

Client-side API

    Open sub menu on page_load

    Disable menu items client-side

    Remove all the menu items client-side

    Selecting random tab from client side

    Follow link with confirmation message

    Is there a way to iterate through menu items using javascript?

    Mouse over effect for the menu items


    Use Easy Menu in an ascx control

    Attach context menu to ASP.NET TreeView nodes


    Attach to multiple elements

    Set up properties like StyleFolder or UseIcons

    Add links to Menu Items

    Disabled menu items


    Work inside User Control or Master Page

    Problem on AJAX enabled page

    Support for working with AJAX

    Suppress the Easy Menu from emitting IFRAME tags without SRC attributes

    Add Easy Menu to the page

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Compare with Text Menu
Examples - 79
Appearance - 11
Live Styles
Horizontal Right To Left
Transparent - over flash
With rounded corners
Keep Open New
Expand Animations New
Vertical 1
MS Vertical
Vertical Right To Left
Context Menu - 10
World Map
Style 1
Style 2
Style 3
Right To Left
Tab Strip - 8
Tab Strip
Live Styles
Tab Strip - With postback New
Parent Child Tabstrip New
Tab Strip - Wizard
Tab Strip - Wizard 2
Add / Remove Tabs
Add / Remove Tabs 2
Time Picker - 1
Time Picker
Populating with data - 5
Binding to DataReader New
Binding to DataTable New
Binding to SqlDataSource New
Binding to ObjectDataSource New
Fast loading time
Multi Column Menu - 2
Multi Column Submenu New
Multi Column Submenu with Icons New
Multiple menus - 3
Multiple menus
Multiple menus 2
Horizontal menu and Tab Strip
Operations - 9
ShowEvent New
Add / Remove Items New
Hide / Show Items New
Menu item inner HTML New
Attach / Detach
Menu Events
Menu item postback
Show menu New
Align/Position - 4
Advanced Align
Menu Offsets
Integration  - 14
TreeView - 5
Attach to TreeView
Dynamic Loading
Inside callback panel
Select the TreeView node New
TreeView inside Easy Menu
AJAX Page - 3
Inside AJAX Page panel
Inside MS AJAX panel
Add items server side
Grid - 2
Use With Grid
Inside DataGrid column
Inside WindowNew
Build from SiteMap
Over Java Applet
With Data Controls New
Other features - 12
Menu Icons
Menu Customize
Long vertical menus
Long menu items
Disabled menu item
Dynamic Easy Menu Item
Full Easy Menu width
Hide menu with time delay
Custom sliding effect New
Custom Menu Content New
Knowledge Base - 1
Knowledge Base
Documentation - 4
Server side
Client side
Using the correct path
Tutorials - 2
Using Database
Postback Persistance