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Upload speed


I noticed that the upload speed of my application using the FileUploadProgress control is always around 250 kB/s, but my university's network upload speed is much higher than this.


The maximum upload speed can be achieved if you set the following settings in Web.config:

add key="OboutInc.FileUpload.WebGarden" value="False" />
add key="OboutInc.FileUpload.PoolingPeriod" value="0" />
add key="OboutInc.FileUpload.PageSize" value="1" />

According to tests, the speed increases by 5-6 times compared to the default settings.
Note that in this case, IIS may use up to 100% of CPU time during the upload.
If you use 'Web Garden' in your application, then just remove the 'OboutInc.FileUpload.WebGarden' setting.
Also see the documentation page.