ASP.NET MVC ComboBox - Multi Item Selection

The ComboBox provides two selection modes:
  • single item selection - when using this mode, only an item from the list can be selected at a time;
  • multi item selection - when using this mode, the end user can select multiple items (using CTRL + click);

To enable one selection mode or the other, use the SelectionMode property, which can be set either
to Single or Multiple.

When using the Multiple selection mode, the end user can also select multiple items using the autocomplete feature. The items will be separated in the input field using a separator, which is set by default to a comma ",". This character can be changed using the MultiSelectionSeparator property.
View - Aspx

    <% Html.Obout(new ComboBox("ComboBox1")
        SelectionMode = ComboBoxSelectionMode.Multiple
    }); %>
View - Razor

    @Html.Obout(new ComboBox("ComboBox1")
        SelectionMode = ComboBoxSelectionMode.Multiple
    }) Home 
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