ASP.NET Show - Images show from database

You can specify the path to each panel's image.
All the images will be loaded as panels into the show. Supported images types are 'jpg', 'gif' and 'png'.

Database structure is simple and allows building dynamic show from database.

Show from Database
  • PanelID - Panel ID
  • ImagePath - Path to the panel's image.

Example Code

<obshow:Show id="Show1" runat="server" ShowType="show">
            ... Panel Content here ...    

Show1.AddPanel(new OboutInc.Show.Panel("panel content here", PanelType.InnerHtml))
Show1.AddPanel(new OboutInc.Show.Panel("selected panel content here", true, PanelType.InnerHtml))

Show1.AddPanel(new OboutInc.Show.Panel("SomePage.html", PanelType.Url));