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Create new style


How can I create new style? 


You can change the look of every single part of the menu. To do this, menu has several properties that take in CSS class names.
  • CSSMenu - CSS class for the whole menu. (Generally, here you'd set width and outer border)
  • CSSChildrenBox - CSS class for a DIV that holds all children below the parent. Useful for defining padding, background color, border.
  • CSSParent - CSS class for each parent item. Each parent will have the style defined here.
  • CSSParentOver - class for a parent that has a mouse cursor over it.
  • CSSParentSelected- class for a parent which is currently selected. If KeepExpanded isset to true, then multiple parents can be marked as selected.
  • CSSChild - class for each child.
  • CSSChildOver - class for a child that has a mouse cursor over it.
  • CSSChildSelected - class for a child which is currently selected. Only one child can be selected at a time.
  • CSSImageParent - CSS class for every parent image. Usefull to define position of image relative to text and image margins.
  • CSSimageChild - same as CSSImageParent, only for child images.
All of these styles are optional, so defining all of them is not necessary.